About Diamond Jewelry

Fashion Gems has been in this industry since 1986. The company has gradually evolved as one of the leading manufacturer of colored stones having a prominent client base in the USA. It has a modern manufacturing facility to cut and polish the gemstones with precision as per the requirements of the clients. Throughout its history, the company has emphasized on its competitive cost structure, high-quality & fine craftsmanship, its distinctive styles, and most importantly, its top-rated service to the company's valuable customers. After a substantial experience in the industry Fashion Gems decided to make a foray into jewelry manufacturing and then came into existence its subsidiary “Diamond Jewelry”.

Diamond Jewelry has a strong team of more than 50 proficient designers who add hundreds of unique designs every month. There work is bold, vibrant, intriguing & wearable. It represents the total commitment of a vital and exuberant artist. Some of the jewelry is simple too. But of course, simplicity does not preclude expressiveness.

The inner vibrancy of these stones comes from a formation underground that takes over 500 million years. Our goal is to unleash this brilliance & to bring it to the surface with the appropriate cut and setting.

The jewelry is manufactured under strict quality control at a state of the art manufacturing facility. The gemstones used in the jewelry are cut and polished in house as per the design specifications of the ornaments.

The company guarantees you high-quality, timeless designs, and exceptional customer service, backed by its unblemished reputation in the gemstone and jewelry industries. Take one trip through our website and you'll discover why Fashion is ideally yours.

Slowly but surely, jewelry is evolving from its earlier concepts, from an investment and a language of symbols to a statement of its wearer’s needs and her personal style. Those needs come from the demand of everyday life: functional jewelry that can be worn at the work place or is more appropriate for the western-style garments that she is likely to wear. It is part of her own perceptions about herself and her aspirations rather than an external social identifier of her roles as wife and mother.

Diamond Jewelry has used some of these fascinating, colorful and brilliant rocks to create set jewelry for the woman of today. We have used various different types of gemstones that make our jewelry mesmerizing and dazzling. Some of them are Tourmalines, Sapphires, Garnets, Topaz, Opals, Quartz, Cat’s-eye, etc. All the stones are studded in 18 karat gold with Diamonds (VVS, VS Quality) and the quality of the stones used is among the finest in the international market.

We have designed our jewelry keeping in mind the ‘Woman of Substance’. The Woman, who knows her responsibilities and her various roles in the society, and performs them with grace and immense strength. These colorful stones worn by such women will reflect not only their modern state of mind and classy taste but also their inner beauty and magnificent splendor. Clearly, adorning such elegant jewelry is celebrating womanhood.

Fashion currently is having over 125 dealers spread all over the world displaying more then 20,000 dazzling designs.


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